Thursday, December 30, 2010

I looooove to cook!

Egg plant and squash curry with marinated beef on sauteed spinach.  Delish!
This is chicken tortilla soup.  I absolutely love cooking this back at home and I was delighted when I rounded up all of the ingredients here in Japan.  Some normal things,  like cans of black beans for example, are hard to find. We have to travel about an hour to get them. But it is so worth the time traveling!
A Japanese Thanksgiving. It is possible to find turkey here. You have to travel and pay for it, but it is possible! As much as we would have loved a turkey, we had to settle for something that would fit into our microwave/convection oven. So chicken breasts it was! Our dear family back home sent us pumpkin pie filling, cranberries, stuffing, and gravy mix so we were able to have a lovely little Thanksgiving for ourselves. :)
A little while ago we were feeling a bit under the weather, so naturally, I made chicken noodle soup. Simple and delicious.
This is a chickpea curry with roasted veggies. My ever-hungry husband ate almost the entire batch in one sitting!
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