Thursday, April 28, 2011

花見 (hanami)

 花見 literally means flower watching.  Every spring in Japan, people can be seen sitting under the さくら (cherry blossom) trees eating, drinking, visiting and enjoying their flowery surroundings. 

I took these photos about two weeks ago.  The cherry blossoms last about two weeks before they being their fluttery descent to the ground.  When it is windy,  it honestly appears as though it is snowing flower petals.  It's strikingly beautiful. 

This river runs directly behind our apartment building.  (Our apartment as you look at the river is to the left.) During the さくら season, it is difficult to resist the urge to go for a walk every evening to look at the flowers.  Karl and I definitely took advantage of this, as you can see here! 
 I am not sure what this little flower is...I think it is related to the Lily of the Valley flower.  They have an incredibly sweet, dainty scent.
 The cherry blossom trees.  I asked, since they are cherry blossoms, do these trees then produce cherries? The answer is no.  I looked it up and discovered that these particular trees are cherry trees, but they have been bred for ornamental purposes and therefore do not produce any fruit. Interesting.
 Karl standing underneath the blossoming trees.

 There are many different types of daffodils around here.  I have noticed at least five or six varieties.
 I have no idea what this little bush is. But it was so pretty I had to take a picture!
Sakura. They have the sweetest scent!
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