Sunday, February 20, 2011

Japan Likes to Run

One of the most popular sports in Japan seems to be running.  Ogawa Machi has a marathon, Yorii has a marathon, Higashichichibu hosts a 5K...the list goes on and on. Last weekend Yorii hosted a relay race.  Karl and I went to check it out. Yorii is a pretty small place, so it was no Grandma's Marathon, but it was still fun. A bunch of my students, friends, and even my fellow teachers were running!

Ready for the start...
One of the schools I work for, Yodo Elementary school (用土小学), had a whole relay team of teachers-including the principal! They were very excited that I came and especially excited I brought my husband with to meet them. It was a fun day. :)

Team 用土!

The principal was particularly excited because he noticed my camera...he has the exact same model-a Nikon d5000. A Japanese brand.

Watching the relay was year I will try to be even more involved and run!
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