Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photosynthesis to the Rescue

We all have things that we need to work on and improve within our lives.  One thing I try to be aware of is uncalled for complaining and not taking anything for granted.  I realize how incredibly fortunate I am for my current circumstances.  I count my blessings everyday!

But… I really miss having a yard.  A lot.

All through college I lived in dorms or apartments.  I think I moved a total of five times during college…it was a lot.  The only time I had a yard was when I briefly moved back home to save money during my first senior year (I was on the five year plan).  But even then, it seemed like I never had time to enjoy it. 

I really love green things.  If I could conjure up a genie I would ask for: 1) A yard. 2) A greenhouse. 3) A grand piano.  (That last one I would want to be black though.)

Alas…I have a blacktop parking lot. 

But when life gives me lemons, I make lemonade. (Or lemon chicken. Or lemon bars.  I like lemons.)  Fortunately, our apartment has lots of windows and a balcony that faces the southern sun.  The balcony is primarily meant for hanging up laundry.  (Nobody has dryers, only washing machines.)  But I have sneakily usurped the space for a container garden-we hang the laundry up inside now.  It works.

Around a month and a half ago I decided I was going to plant a container garden.  So I got right to researching.  I discovered that the zone we are in is excellent for growing peppers and tomatoes.  Hooray, salsa!  Unfortunately, the Japanese don’t really do cilantro as a spice for food.  So I will have figure out some way around that.  

The tomato and pepper plants in mid-April

 I have three tomato plants, three pepper plants, two parsley plants and a basil plant.  Plus some flowers.  I planted them about a month and a half ago now.  I am taking advantage of living in zone 7, and got started early.  I am hoping that I will get fresh tomatoes all through the summer. 

And then, they were giants. 
Inside, I have a couple bonsai trees, orchids, and other standard houseplants.  It always amazes me how much more livable a space is when you have plants.

So for now, I am pacified. 

Except for that grand piano thing…
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