Monday, May 30, 2011

The Screams

Earplugs.  I wish I could wear earplugs.  Some of my students will. not. stop. yelling.  They are driving me insane.

My poor nerves! (Pride and Prejudice, anyone?)

Recently the number of unreasonably loud classes has risen exponentially. While “genki” students can be wonderful, dealing with many yelling children is tiring.

Some teachers are great in these situations, some are ok…some are…let’s say passive.  This is difficult for me, as discipline is not something I am supposed to do.  It would be similar to disciplining a child with their parent standing right there…inappropriate and awkward.

Although I enjoy genki students…it can become problematic if they get so wild that no one can hear me.  But I can cope with most situations.

What I can’t cope with is a room full of thirty 4th graders not listening, talking to their classmates or just screaming. In this particular class, there are (thank God) two good students.

The educational systems of Japan and America vary drastically.  There is hardly anything the two hold in common.  One of the biggest differences is that-even though it is illegal-some teachers still use corporal punishment.

I knew this was true, but had never witnessed it nor did I think I ever would.  I was wrong.

I don’t believe corporal punishment is ever appropriate in school.  From what I have seen, it makes the students behavior worse.  And it certainly doesn’t help them learn respect. But in these situations, it doesn’t matter what I think.

All I can do is stand by and watch. 
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