Saturday, June 4, 2011


Last night I went for a run.  It had just stopped raining.  The mountains were draped in mist.  Birds were singing.  Flowers were blooming, peaceful and still.

I ran down a small back road along the base of a mountain.  I reached the end of the road and stopped at the Buddhist temple there.  I visited the koi in the little pond near by.   

The koi (こい) swam slow and steady amongst the purple irises.  A little waterfall splashed down to the pond, accompanying the chorus of the birds. 

As I stood there soaking in tranquility, I was reassured.  Life in Japan is calming down.  The destruction is being dealt with.  People are hopeful.  The events on and following March 11th have brought people together. 

We planned to volunteer in Miyagi during Golden Week, but were turned away for the happy reason of too many volunteers for the infrastructure to handle.  Japan is rebuilding.  Everyone is helping.

I was asked to play piano for a charity concert in Yorii next month.  I said yes, of course I will.  

The piece I chose to play is Mozart’s Fantasy in dminor.  I feel it is appropriate because although the beginning is melancholy, the mood of the piece shifts and ends cheerfully. 

The sense I get from this piece reflects the recent events in Japan.  There was destruction and devastation at first. However-despite everything-hope and tenacity are shining all around. 
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