Saturday, June 11, 2011


What comes to mind when you think of curry?

I think spicy.  Not necessarily mouth-on-fire spicy, but rather spicy as in lots of flavor. 

In Japan, curry and rice is a standard meal.  I have it at least a couple times a month for school lunch.  It’s fine…definitely the least spicy curry I have ever eaten.  Which is very Japanese.  (According to this cookbook, the Japanese cuisine focuses on bringing out the foods natural flavors as opposed to adding flavors to it.)

Growing up, the curry I was familiar with was a dry Chinese beef and potato curry my parents would frequently make.  It’s delicious.  My child brain thought that is what curry was.  It never occurred to me that would be such a vast variety of curries.

Fortunately, I have since been enlightened.  Indian curries, Thai curries, Indonesian curries…the world is full of amazing and different curries.

So what do you do when you have an incredible Asian cookbook with sections for each country?  You make lots of curry, that’s what you do.

Here is the latest attempt:

Thai green curry chicken.  So spicy.  So good. 

One of the greatest things about making curry is that it is so easy.  And it can be really quick to make.  A winning combination for the fulltime workers who still want to eat healthy and delicious homemade dinners! 

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  1. I love Thai curries! They have them all over the place here, as well as Indian curries. So much delicious foods!