Monday, June 27, 2011


Sometimes life just…hits you.

Like when you step back and realize that…

…you have (already!!!!) been married for nearly one year.

Where has the time gone!?
 …you have been living in Japan for almost one year.

First sighting of Japan from the plane last August-Hokkaido Island
…you know how to speak, read and write a good bit of Japanese. (Something I never thought I would be able to do!) 

Kanji are pretty, but tough to learn.
…you graduated college over a year ago and are doing something that has nothing to do with your degree-but has everything to do with further education.  

Onward to "real life."
Last week I found myself being struck by a bought of homesickness.  I was longing for the time when I would move back to the States and continue on to the next phase in life.  I have always been one to yearn for the future and what it holds for me.

I need to quit that.

Because the future does not exist.  The present does.

Yesterday I was reminded that I should focus on taking full advantage of my current circumstances: The koto sensei finally got back to me.  She is very excited to have me as a student.  My koto lessons will begin on Sunday, July 10th.    

I am reeeeeally excited about this.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn not only about music and culture, but also to prompt my Japanese learning along.  Her English is very good, but our communication will be a blend of Japanese and English.   

What a great experience for both of us!
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