Wednesday, August 31, 2011

海で泳いで (Swimming in the Ocean)

I went swimming in the Pacific Ocean this summer.  It was vast, salty and absolutely delightful.

This was a particularly wondrous experience for it was my first time ever swimming in an ocean.  It's true.  I grew up next to the biggest lake in the world which looks similar to an ocean...but is, of course, fresh water, doesn't have a tide, different wild life, etc.

So when we were invited by a friend to a beach party, we jumped at the chance.  It was worth getting up super early on a Saturday, riding a train for three hours (one way!) and getting sunburned.  (A word about Japanese sunscreen: It doesn't work.  Even after multiple applications, there was still lots of burnination. Sigh.)

Floating around in the ocean leisurely for hours was pure delight...except for that part when I suddenly had a hand full of jellyfish. (It was just a little one and I only touched the top part.  Still, it was shocking to suddenly feel a jellyfish!) 

We were there when the tide came in.  It came in waaaaay faster then I expected it would, which resulted in wet towels and flip-flops running away with the water. 

Watching the tide come in.
The beach to which we went was in Mie Ken (三重県) which is several hours from where we live in Saitama Ken.  (Ken is the Japanese word for "prefecture.") 

I wish we lived closer to the ocean...but then I consider the mountains outside my window.  And the significant lack of tsunami warnings...

No.  I am perfectly content with my residence.  But I will be visiting the ocean again.  Soon, if I can at all help it.

 ps. I cut off around eleven inches of my hair last month. I LOVE it! :)
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  1. Looks like so much fun - how I miss the ocean! (I've never been to the Pacific.) We held jelly fish not knowing what they were. People were yelling "Put that down! It'll sting!" But we never got stung... thank goodness.

    Eleven inches!! I remember when it was soooo long.... You look lovely with it short!!!

  2. That last picture=adorable!

    And we will definitely have to take you swimming and diving when you come visit here. It's a fact you can't be more than two hours from the ocean ANYWHERE in NZ.