Sunday, August 14, 2011

People-This is Real Ramen

It's been awhile.  Sorry about that.  Karl and I are in the midst of a two week intensive Japanese course and are out of town. 

August is our "summer break."  It is proving to be very busy, however.  I will be taking part in some English camps starting next week so it'll be a while yet before I get back to semi regular blogging.

That being said, lets get on to...ramen.


I loved ramen as a kid.  I love ramen now.  But the difference is now I know what real ramen is.  And it is de-licious.  None of this dried noodle, sustenance of poor college students, business.  I am talking about honest-to-goodness Japanese ramen.  From a tiny ramen shop.  In the middle of Japan.

This is usagi ramen.  (rabbit ramen) Thick, fresh noodles.  Bamboo shoots.  Nori sheets.  Soft boiled egg.  Slices of rabbit meat.

The little shop is in a tiny little modest building.  But it one of those places.  Locals line up out the door at lunch time.  There is almost always a wait.

And it is so worth it.

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  1. おいしいそう!I haven't tried usagi yet!

  2. Oh my lord. That looks delicious. I'm starting to get into proper ramen, and so far it's been excellent.