Saturday, July 30, 2011

Playing to Help

So I have a degree in music.  You would think that I might actually try to perform once in a while. 

But I don’t.  In fact, I avoid it. 

I am talking about solo piano performing here.  While in college, I never played an actual recital.  I did a lecture recital, which was great fun.  But I have never really loved performing solo.

So you might imagine my thrilled self when last month my Board of Education asked me to play for a charity concert.  It was for the earthquake victims and was the mayors idea.

How could I say no?

Fortunately I had plenty of practice time.  I also didn’t perform from memory.  That cut down on the nerves as well.

The performance was Saturday the 16th.  It went very well.  I was nervous, but I kept reminding myself that I was doing this to help people.  Which helped me.

It was a small concert, about 150-200 people came.  Including many of my students.  When I was done playing, one of my little tiny first grade boys walked up to me with a bouquet of flowers for me.  He was so cute!  Some of my adult English students also came with flowers for me.  

I was so surprised! And delighted.  I love flowers. 

I don’t know how much money was raised for the victims of the earthquake, but I certainly hope it was a success.  It felt really nice doing something to help.
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  1. Pretty flowers! And you should play in should get some cello/piano stuff and play with Karl :) Did he bring his cello?