Thursday, July 21, 2011


We could have gone to Tokyo.
We could have eaten out at a fancy restaurant.
We could have done any number of things.

But we went bowling.  Why? 

Because we went bowling on our wedding day.

 On our wedding day, after the ceremony, eating, drinking, dancing and celebrating, we had an after party.  At a bowling alley.  

 It was a blast.

The local bowling alley in Ogawa Machi is a mere ten-minute walk from our apartment. 

I am not good at bowling.  Karl is pretty good.  He had lots of strikes and scored higher than 120.  Which won him a box of cookies.  Yay!

Bowling in Japan is fun.  You fill out a little piece of paper with your information.  The worker assigns you a lane and then enters your information on the monitor.  Easy.  If you want to play multiple games, you simply press the appropriate button on the screen to continue.

When you are finished, press another button and go to the counter to pay for the number of games you played.  You are also given a sheet of paper showing the exact details of your game.  Which pins you missed, etc.

There was a little old Japanese couple bowling in the lane next to us.  They were adorable.  And they were kicking our butts.  They took this picture for us. 

This first year of marriage has flown by.  We are looking forward to the years ahead.  Hopefully they will all be as wonderful as this first year.

Sans a gigantic earthquake.
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  1. One year all ready? Certainly has gone quickly.

  2. :D :D :D LOVE it! And your pic = super cute! And yes: no more earthquakes for you. Miss you both.

  3. Oh my gosh - I missed it (by almost one whole month!), HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!!
    You look just a happy now as last year -- but not perspiring quite as much!!
    Blessing for you both!