Friday, July 8, 2011

The Straw Hat Cafe

There was such an amazing feeling of welcoming and warmth at the Straw Hat Café.  It’s no wonder there was a wait.  Fortunately, we only had to wait a few minutes.  But this is the kind of place where it doesn’t matter if you have to wait for an hour or more.

It is so worth it.

The Straw Hat Café is the charming little restaurant that is a part of the Studio Ghibli Museum.  It reflects everything the museum is about.  It is-hands down-in my top five favorite restaurants.  Of all-time.

Let me explain why:

1)    It’s simple.  There are not many choices on the menu, but the choices that are there vary.  There is no stressing about what to order.  (They have menus in English.)

2)    They use organic and local goods.  Win.

3)    The prices are very reasonable.  Win again.

4)    Everything is homemade-even the ginger ale. 

5)    They serve drinks with straws made out of straw.  Awesome.

6)    The food was in-credibly delicious.

7)    The dessert wasn’t too sweet to finish.

8)    Everything was perfectly fresh.

9)    They serve food on Totoro and soot sprite plates.

10)  The service was the best I have ever had. Ever.

So there you go. If you are ever in Japan, pre-buy your tickets to the Studio Ghibli museum.  Explore an incredible place full of imagination.  Then eat at one of the most amazing restaurants in the world.

You will not be disappointed.

I promise.

Organic brown rice topped with a fried egg, curry, and fresh organic spring greens. YUM.
De-licious breaded pork sandwich.
Tasty. And a super cute plate.
The ah-mazing homemade organic ginger ale.
Best Strawberry Shortcake I have ever had.
Incredible chocolate sundae/parfait.

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