Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eating. It's what we do best.

Yes, we went bowling on our one-year wedding anniversary. But that’s not all we did.

We ate. A lot.

For breakfast, I made this.  A new take on huevos rancheros.  I’m actually drooling a little bit right now just thinking about them.

 I didn’t follow the recipe completely.   For the topping, I simply threw together a fresh salsa and fried some chorizo.

We drank mimosas too.  Because that is what you drink when you celebrate in the morning.


For dinner, it was homemade pizza.  Karl’s parents sent us a package of pepperoni so, clearly, we had to make pizza. 

I made the crust from scratch.  We used a tomato basil sauce.  Then piled on the cheese and pepperoni.

Really healthy.  Just kidding.  At least the crust was made with whole wheat flour.

It was delicious.
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  1. OMG your huevos variation looks scrumptious!