Sunday, September 18, 2011


So.  Despite my last post about Yamasa Institute, I need to mention all the great things they offer there.  The teachers we had were really wonderful.  The study materials were good.  We came away with significantly improved Japanese skills in just two weeks.  We made lots of friends from all around the world.  And…

…there was Zig-Zag.
Zig-Zag is the student bar on campus.  It is only open on Thursdays and Fridays-for obvious reasons.  (To keep all the students from socializing too much when they should be studying.) The first night we went we were not expecting much…but we were very pleasantly surprised with the selection. The most amazing thing?

Guinness.  On tap.  

You can find Guinness in Japan-usually in cans or bottles.  Finding it on tap is a rarity.  In fact, finding any dark beer on tap is a challenge.  At least around our place. 

So we enjoyed the company of our new friends, accompanied by several pints of Guinness. 

An excellent way to spend an evening. 
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