Thursday, September 29, 2011


I admit to knowing next to nothing about Asian history.  It’s sad, I know. 

I have learned a bit since moving to Japan.  I love visiting museums and historical sites…but unfortunately for me most of the information is only provided in Japanese.  Zannen!  (Too bad!)

Over the summer Karl and I had the opportunities to visit some historical sites of Japan. 

Japanese castles are, as one might suspect, completely different from the stereotypical European castle.  They are grand in their own distinct way.  

Karl was able to visit one of the most famous castles in Japan this past July-Matsumoto Castle.  I couldn’t go because of a koto lesson and English classes.  But seeing his pictures, I wish I had gone! 

MatsumotoCastle is one of the only castles in Japan that exists in its original structure.  Pretty amazing.

During our stay in Okazaki while studying at Yamasa, we spent one of the days of Obon exploring the Okazaki castle. 

It is in a lovely park surrounded by a moat.  Okazaki castle is one of the many castles that had been completely destroyed and rebuilt.  Though not quite as impressive as Matsumoto castle, it is still a lovely building.  

There is a small museum on the grounds of the castle we also took time to explore.  At the end of the tour, you could dress up as a samurai and get your picture taken.  Fun!

Karl was very excited.
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