Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The North

The majesty.  The beauty.  The power.  There are many reasons Lake Superior draws so many people to her shores.  My mother always told me the primary reasons she chose to attend UMD was because it was next to the Lake. 

The Lake: The greatest of the five greats.  From the chilling depths to the fierce shape, this lake can evoke the deepest sense of awe. 

Despite my love for travel and exploration, I can feel the lake calling me back.  We talk about moving to anywhere in the world…but I don’t think I can stay away from the lake for too long.

During our trip home this summer, we spent a day driving up the North Shore during our trip home.  It really doesn’t get better than spending time in your favorite places with your favorite people. 

Split Rock Lighthouse
Gooseberry Falls

We stopped at our favorite State Parks.  Toured a historical lighthouse.  Took a (very) cool dip.  Basked in the glory of the Lake. 

And ended the day together at another delightful restaurant unique to Duluth: The Burrito Union.  

MONSTROUS Chocolate Cake! (It took six of us to eat this!)

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