Monday, April 8, 2013

Hong Kong: Arrival

The school year has just turned over in Japan.  There was a short week and a half long break between terms.  Just enough time to squeeze in a trip.  After all, when you are living in this part of the world, it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity of proximity to great travels. 

So off we went.  This time, to Hong Kong.

We began planning our trip to Hong Kong this past January.  Two years ago, we had a trip to Hong Kong all ironed out, but the big earthquake put the brakes on our plans.  We instead took the time to travel back home to put our family and friends’ minds at ease. 

I am used to horribly long flights from Tokyo to the American mid west-typically lasting somewhere between eleven to fourteen hours.  Ugh.  The flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong was a mere four hours, give or take thirty minutes.  A breeze. 

After researching our accommodation options that fell within our budget, we booked a room at USA Hostel.  If you are planning on traveling to Hong Kong, do not let these pictures fool you.  The hostel-though not the most awful place at which I have ever stayed-was pretty…adventurous. (I did not take pictures-sorry.)

Our flight touched down an hour late.  We tried not to panic as we rushed through the airport.  We had one hour to make it to our Hostel before forfeiting our booking.  Fortunately, we had done enough research to know exactly how to get there.  After a very fast train ride and a reasonable taxi fare, we made it-with fifteen minutes to spare.


We fell into bed, ready to recharge our tired bodies for our first day in Hong Kong. 
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  1. Your rush to the hostel reminded me of a time we took a roadtrip through Canada and had to rush to get to a campsite before they closed for the night. I called ahead when it was clear traffic was going to make us late, but the language barrier (French Canada) didn't instill confidence that the gate wouldn't be locked.