Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hong Kong: Wong Tai Sin Temple

After stuffing ourselves to the brim with delicious Thai food, we shook off the food coma best we could and trekked back over to Kowloon.
Back in Kowloon, we pulled out our trusty walk tour pamphlet that we had picked up in the airport.  Armed with our maps and sense of adventure, we easily found our way to Wong Tai Sin Temple.

Having lived and traveled throughout Asia for close to three years now, I have seen quite a large variety of temples and shrines.   Of all that I have seen, this one ranked highly.  It was full of rich history and colorful beauty. 

The temple complex was large.  Right in front of the temple was a set of large bronze statues of the animals of the Chinese zodiac.  To the right of the main temple were several other statues, fountains and shrines dedicated to various deities.  Behind the temple is the Good Wish Garden-a garden filled with ponds, streams waterfalls and flowers.

It was lovely. 

Checking our tour book again, we hopped over to the neighboring metro station and discovered another beautiful garden.  

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