Monday, April 15, 2013

Hong Kong: Soho and an Escalator

Following the handy tourist signs that are all over Hong Kong, we found our way to the massive outdoor escalator.  Hong Kong boasts this set of outdoor escalators to be the longest in the world.  Following it down (it only goes up, we had to walk down) we ran into what our maps informed us was the area called Soho-which stands for south of Hollywood Blvd. 

This was very lucky for our hungry selves as Soho is absolutely packed to the brim with restaurants of every cuisine imaginable.  The hard part was figuring out what sounded the most delicious. 

 Karl and I like to eat.  We also like to take advantage of location.  Living in Japan, the cuisine diversity is surprisingly limited.  At least, in our small town it is.  When we found ourselves surrounded by a multitude of mostly southeastern Asian cuisine, we were thrilled.  

We settled on a delicious looking Thai restaurant.  

Marinated chicken roasted in banana leaves.  So. Good.
Green papaya peanut salad.  I need to find a recipe. 
Red snapper in chili sauce and fresh coriander.  Delicious.
We were not disappointed.   

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  1. The best thing about SoHo is the 2pm - 9pm happy hour in most places... My favorite part of Hong Kong.