Wednesday, May 9, 2012


After we checked into our hotel in Agra, we met our driver and guide and they took us to a restaurant for lunch.

After lunch we headed over to the Agra Red Fort.  After getting past all the vendors, beggars, and would be tour guides, we made it inside the fort.  We paid a few dollars for an audio tour guide-it was worth it.  

When we finished with the tour, we rejoined our driver and guide.  They started to take us to a shopping area-we had to absolutely insist they turn around and take us to the Baby Taj, which the schedule we had previously agreed upon.  The fact that they tried to just slyly skip that stop was irritating…(something to be aware of if you ever travel to India.)

The Baby Taj is the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal’s grandfather.  Mumtaz Mahal is the queen buried in the Taj Mahal.  The Baby Taj was lovely.  We happened to be there right at sunset.  It was gorgeous. 

We finally agreed to let our driver take us to the “shopping bazaar” as they were calling it.  According to the sign out front, it was a certified Government approved handmade wares shop.  But who knows for sure. 

The first thing we were shown were the handmade rugs.   Fortunately, we really liked the man who was showing us the rugs.  He made the experience quite enjoyable.  And even though we probably paid far too much for it, we got our few souvenirs of the trip-an area rug and two gorgeous wall hangings. 

(We bought the one on the upper right.)
The day ended back at our hotel restaurant.  We had a lovely, quiet meal together before preparing to see the Taj Mahal the following morning. 

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