Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Day in India

We woke up to our last day in India and got ready to fly back to Japan.  Our flight wouldn’t leave until late at night, so we hired a driver to take us site seeing around New Delhi. 

The first place we visited was the Red Fort.  (The red fort in Agra was much more interesting.)

The second place was the Akshardham-the biggest Hindu mandir in the world.  A mandir is to a Hindu temple what a cathedral is to a Christian church.  The Akshardham was stunning.  Unfortunately, photography was absolutely prohibited.  We bought some post cards so that we would be able to have at least some images. 

We ate a final meal in India, a late lunch at a restaurant before making the final stop of the whole trip-a store to buy some tea and spices.  

And finally…the airport.  Our first flight brought us to Guangzhou, China for a four hour layover.  From there, back to Tokyo.   

And finally…home.
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  1. hi, how long did you spend in India? Love the blog, Julia

    1. Thanks for your comment! I was in India for about sixteen days during this trip.