Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Golden Week With Company

If asked whether or not I like travel, I would have to answer thus: Yes, but no.

Here’s the thing.  I dislike the actual traveling part.  The airplanes and dealing with airports, passports, visas, etc.  I feel I am probably not alone in this. 

Here’s the other thing.  I love the being there part.

Taking huge trips is a big undertaking.  I fully understand this-especially after India.  Whew!

So, when Karl and I moved to Japan, we really weren’t expecting anyone to spend the big money and take the vacation time to come visit us.  Boy, have we been pleasantly surprised! 

Last September, a friend came.
This past March, Karl’s entire family came.
Just at the beginning of this month, another friend came.

What fortunate souls we are!

Mike arrived at the start of this years Golden Week.  (Remember from last year?)  The string of four holidays in a week comes in handy when planning trips. 

The first place we took Mike was, of course, Tokyo. 

We explored the Meiji Shrine-which happens to be celebrating it’s centennial this year-in Yoyogi Park.  

Entrance to Meiji Shrine
First look at the shrine
A wedding was happening while we were there!
A special garden on the shrine grounds included this gorgeous pavilion.
Tanukis! Racoon dogs, in English.

We found a fabulous Korean restaurant overlooking the Harajuku district.

Harajuku station

We took in a special exhibit at Tokyo National Museum. 

The exhibit we went to see.
This trip was off to a good start. 
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