Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hiroshima Castle

If Japan has one thing figured out-it is public transportation.  Of course this varies depending on where  you are.  By and large, it’s great.

I was particularly impressed by how easy it was to get around in Hiroshima.  There is almost no reason to own a car.  They have trains, buses, taxis, and an excellent streetcar service.  If you choose to cycle or walk, the sidewalks are nice and wide and at the busiest intersections have tunnels underground.

It’s great. 

So with map in hand, we were off to discover Hiroshima.  Our first destination was the reconstructed Hiroshima Castle.

The castle interior contains a museum filled with information and artifacts of Hiroshima when it was a traditional Japanese Castle city.  It was fascinating to learn so much about Hiroshima before it was associated with one of the two the atomic bombings that ultimately ended WWII. 

View from the top of the castle.
Almost all of the displays were translated into English-which was really wonderful for us.  It makes things much more interesting when you can read about them. 

Within the castle grounds stand two weary trees.  There are, of course, many trees in the park.  But these two are particularly significant as they are two of the three trees in the surrounding area that survived the blast of the atomic bomb in 1945.  

Held up and together with ropes and supports, they stand.   Silent survivors for the past 67 years.
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