Monday, May 7, 2012

Back to Work

Well, everyone else was back to work but me. 

Despite having gone to the doctor before leaving for India as well as taken copious amounts of medicine for two weeks solid, I still had not shaken my cold.  Therefore it was decided by Ravi that my only task for the day would be napping.  I was exhausted from all of the traveling, jet lag, and all that comes with being immersed in a foreign culture.

So slept I did.  For about four hours. 

While I was busy sleeping/recovering, the others were busy working on the third and final roof of the trip.  I felt bad for not being able to help but relieved at the same time.  Roofing homes using cement is extremely hard work.  This would be the last day of work in the village for our group.  

Karl with our friend Chendu.
Hard workers after roofing a home.
They had enough supplies to continue work for another few days after we left.  After that, the unfinished homes would again come to a stand still.  The people of Chevuru must wait until the next group of volunteers to fund raise and send the funds so that they may purchase the building supplies. 

After the hard work was finished, we were again surrounded by the young people of the village.  Three lovely young ladies, who had helped prepare our lunches every day, brought out some tubes of henna and decorated our hands and arms for the new year.
Dear Usha! She was so much fun.  She helped make our lunch every day.
Usha drawing henna on my hand.

Tomorrow we would dress in our new sarees and celebrate the coming of a new year.
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