Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Expanding Horizons

I am used to regular cheeseburgers.  You know, made with cheddar cheese.  To me, this is “normal.”  The “regular” version, if you will.  (ps-that junk they put on fast food burgers is not even real cheese. In fact, those aren’t even real burgers…or real food for that matter.)

For some reason, using other cheeses to top burgers never occurred to me.  Until a couple of years ago, that is.  I really started getting into other types of cheese. 

Since there is a significant lack of good cheese in Japan, cheeseburgers are not something we have on a regular basis.  Besides that, even Costco doesn’t fulfill my greatest dreams of cheese.  It is missing one of my all-time favorites…


Fortunately, I have been able to go on a Jarlsberg binge lately because some fantastic people sent me some for my birthday.  Best gift ever!  (In case you’re wondering, vacuum packed cheese does very well when sent overseas. Winkwink!)

Occasionally, Karl and I get our America on and have big, fat cheeseburgers for dinner.  The most recent instance resulted in the best burgers I had ever made.  Ever.

Remember these?  After devouring the steaks, we kept the leftover marinade.  It would have been a horrible waste to toss it!

I mixed some of the marinade into some ground beef with some panko and an egg.  Then fried them nice and slow.  They didn’t shrink at all.  Which means they fit perfectly onto the toasted bread.  

They were veritable gourmet hamburgers. 
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  1. My family sends me small wheels of cheese still in their wax coating. It's amazing and beautiful and don't knock that CostCo cheddar block too much. A block of that cheddar and a stack of tortillas and the world makes sense for a weekend or two.

    That is one beautiful burger.

    ~Caitlin from camp

  2. Can I come live with you guys?

    ~ Sarah, also from camp

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Caitlin-oh I definitely was not knocking the Costco cheddar-I love that California cheese! I was talking about the cheese made in Japan. I'm not a huge fan. Though the mozzarella is ok.