Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Investment

Leaning against a wall in the tatami room, there were six or seven kotos.  Their long, graceful figures reaching towards the ceiling.  I couldn’t believe I was about to call one of these exotic instruments my own.

“Which one do you like?” asked my teacher. 

“Which one is best?”

The one with the orange floral décor was the best quality, she said.  I completely trusted her opinion.  The decision was made.  

Next, the accessories:  ivory picks, the pick case, the silky koto cover, the music stand, the koto stands and the music itself.  

For a musician, this was like Christmas morning.  So. Exciting.

My first koto lesson was spent getting me set up with all of my new equipment, explaining the instrument and simple first instructions.

I was practically bursting with excitement.  I had gone from being a full-time music major practicing for hours every day, to not even having an instrument to play for the past year.  A big change.

I have now been studying koto since early July.  It is completely different from any musical instrument I have ever played-I love it.  This could very well be the groundwork for a future masters degree in ethnomusicology. 

You never know…I just follow my love of music through life.

So far it hasn’t led me astray. 

More on the music (maybe even a video!) and koto learning adventures coming soon.
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  1. Video would be awesome. I am slightly jealous because this looks amazing!

  2. ! Your newest instrument is gorgeous. And yes, you'll be all set to start your masters/doctorate! Love this :)